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Introducing the Environmental BioChamber: a 2000 ml plastic chamber designed for environmental monitoring. With the ability to simultaneously track gaseous carbon dioxide and oxygen levels in a closed system, the Environmental BioChamber is great for precision analysis.

Perfectly suited for monitoring respiration and photosynthesis, this advanced chamber integrates seamlessly with the Wireless CO2 Gas Sensor and Wireless O2 Gas Sensor, delivering accurate and real-time data. The spacious top opening of the Environmental BioChamber allows for effortless sample insertion, adjustment, and removal, ensuring maximum convenience during experiments and measurements.

The BioChamber can also accommodate temperature and humidity sensing, if desired, in combination with CO2 Gas Sensor and Wireless O2 Gas Sensors. The chamber is ideally suited to use with 100W full spectrum LED lamps.

The Environmental BioChamber is your ultimate tool for accurate and comprehensive analysis in the field of biology and environmental science.

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