Rutland Industries
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How to Order

• Fill in a Rutland Order Form. (A copy can be downloaded from the link below). Fill in the necessary address
and other details at the top of the form.
• If you prefer to send your own form, please
remember to include your contact and address
• Fill in the items that you are ordering including
the product code, the quantity you require, the
item name, the price (if you already have the
price) and the total price (quantity x price).
• For example:
Code: 088552  Quantity: 3   Item: Sawdust packets  Price: R 2.20  Total price: R 6.60
• Remember to add VAT to the grand total price.
• Email or Fax the order back to us.
• If it is just a quotation that you require, do the
same with the Rutland Quotation Form (see download link below)
• Please note that our prices do not include VAT
or delivery costs

Download Quotation Form

Download Order Form