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1. Bacillus subtilis 2. Rhizobium leguminosarum t.s bean root nodule 3. Rhixopus w.m. with Zygosporangia, sexual cycle 4. Aspergillus niger with conidiophores 5. Candida (yeast infection) 6. Mushroom - Coprinus sp. radial ssec. 7. Spirogyra, Vegetative & in conjugation w.m. 8. Marchantia thallus with gemmae cup 9. Moss antheridia l.s. 10. Fern pinna & sorus t.s. 11. Pinus leaves t.s. 12. Pinus male cone l.s. & t.s. 13. Pinus female cone 2nd year t.s. 14. Mitosis in Onion root Tip l.s. 15. Leaf epidermis of monocot & dicot. w.m. 16. Monocot. root, Zea mays t.s. 17. Dicot. root, Ranunculus t.s. 18. Cuscuta, Dodder, t.s. through stem of host for hausteria 19. Monocot. stem, Zea mays t.s. 20. Dicot. stem t.s., Helianthus 21. Tilia, 3-year old stem t.s. 22. Monocot. & Dicot. leaf, Zea mays & Syringa t.s. 23. Xero-, Meso-, & Hydrophytic Leaves t.s. 24. Dicot. flowerbud l.s. 25. Anther t.s. dehisced

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