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EasySense VISION is a self contained logging system with a high resolution full colour touch screen. It can capture, display and allow analysis of data without a computer. It completely replaces the standard PC & Logger or Interface combination - a huge cost saving! (it can still be used as both a remote data logger and with a PC when required)
The graphing and analysis tools, normally only found on the PC are now built-in. VISION can even print out the graph (to most HP PCL Printer) VISION is truly a stand-alone data logger and analysis tool.
VISION has a large user memory for storing data files. Captured data can be transferred to a PC either by direct USB connection, or via a Pen Drive (Flash memory stick).
Tip. At the end of a lesson students can save their data to a pen drive and transfer it back to a school PC or take it home to analyse and write reports on their own PC.

4 SmartQ Sensor inputs compatible with all SmartQ sensors
2 SmartQ Digital inputs used as A & B for Time / Velocity & Acceleration experiments
Fast datalogging for Physics (Up to 50,000 samples per second)
Long term remote datalogging (Up to 14 days logging on a single battery charge)
Battery life : A full ‘classroom day’ (User replaceable, rechargeable Lith-ION)
USB Client : Mouse, Wireless Mouse, Keyboard, Memory Stick, Hub, Printers etc.
USB Host : Connect to a PC to run in interface mode and transfer data
VGA Connection : Connect to a Projector or Monitor for whole class activities
High resolution screen full colour, fast response to stylus or finger
EasySense software looks and behaves just like the PC version!
Supplied with over 480 built-in setup files matching our Teaching Materials

 Easysense Vision Product Manual 

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